COVID-19 Reopening Plan with new guidance

Greetings Meridies,
Since the country is slowly advancing from the pandemic and most (if not all) of the kingdom’s states opened in full, We believe, in the kingdom’s best interest, that the time has come to update the COVID-19 Reopening Plan with new guidance that will allow local groups to plan their activities with greater overall confidence.
After serious consideration and discussion, We are pleased to announce, beginning July 1, 2021, the entire Kingdom of Meridies will no longer operate under Phase 0 of the Reopening Plan. All groups will automatically proceed to Phase 1. This means that all Meridian local groups no longer need to track their counties’ COVID statistics. Gatherings of local groups, limited to twenty people, may resume for in person, daytrip activities.
Even as the outlook is bright, We are well aware that the Delta variant may still have a significant impact on our population. Furthermore, the upcoming holiday weekend may produce an unwanted spike in infection rates. Therefore, Meridies will remain in Phase 1 while We continue to closely monitor the variant to see if it proves to be a significant hazard. If so, We will meet again to strategize the most prudent steps to help manage the Kingdom to fully open. However, if vaccines prove effective against the various strains and the rate continues on a downward trajectory, We will once again consider adjusting all COVID restrictions.
We heard you, Meridies, and your frustrations in planning local activities and events beyond July. If all goes well, We will consider the following tentative plan effective August 1, 2021.
•Phase 2 new target rate will be 0.4 (increased from 0.3).
•Phase 3 new target rate will be 0.3 (increased from 0.2).
•Attendance may increase to 150 in Phase 3.
•Phase 4 new target rate will be 0.2 (increased from 0.1).
•Because Meridies has a small piece of both Florida and Kentucky, while Meridies operates in Phases 3 and 4, We will measure only the counties of Florida within Meridian borders (not the entire state). Our Kentucky populace members will refer to Tennessee state metrics.
Regardless of the phases, the following will remain in place.
•The mask mandate for unvaccinated members remains.
•All hygiene, safety, and food protocols remain.
•All groups MUST wait for a formal announcement from either the Crown or Our Kingdom Seneschal before advancing with any plans in August or beyond.
•All groups are required to maintain an attendance roster and secure permission for all in-person activities.
As always, in the best interest of the kingdom, this plan is subject to change at any time based on the state of the pandemic.
Yours In Service,
Timothy & Ysmay, King & Queen
Wulfstan & Thorkatla, Prince & Princess
Zayn al-Munajjima (Mittens), Seneschal