McIntosh Reserve Park

1046 W McIntosh Circle
Whitesburg, GA 30185


McIntosh Reserve Park is located 35 miles southwest of Atlanta along the Chattahoochee River and can be reached by U.S. Alternative 27 from Carrollton or Newnan and Georgia Highway 5 from Douglasville. Direct access to the park is provided by a county-maintained road that connects with Georgia Highway 5 at 2 miles west of Whitesburg.

All attendees must purchase a $5 parking pass from the office before heading to the event site.  The office hours of operation are 8 AM to 5 PM daily.  If the office is closed, there is an after hours red parking pass purchase box located at the office.  Attendees that arrive on site without a pass after hours will pay for it separately at troll & receive their pass the following morning.

Quiet hours for the park are 10 PM to 7 AM



Registration for Castle Wars closes 11/13/2023


Teacher and Salon Sign-Up Deadline is Friday, October 27th @ 11:59 PM

What is a salon? A salon is a type of gathering that typically offers a relaxed space where people of like interests can gather to discuss a topic, or to display related arts or demos. These tend to be open leisurely affairs where people can come and go, stop in and chat, or spend lots of time getting to know about topics that they might not otherwise have extensive knowledge of. There is no requirement for a given Salon to last for the entirety of the day or even event. You are free to set your own opening and closing times as well as selecting the day or days that work best for your group. Evening hours are also a great option if you wish to host something as more of a night life / social.


Salon Signup Form:



Teacher Signup Form:




Merchant Signup Form:


Vendors may also contact the following staff with any questions:

Genovefa (mka Jen Marlow)

Lady Surendravati (mka Sharon Jones)



Calling all baronies, shires, households and friends!

This year at Castle Wars, instead of a traditional feast or a single fundraiser lunch option, we would like to offer attendees several food options in a way that will contribute to the overall atmosphere at the event.

For this event we are creating an area similar to a town center that features a mix of salons, merchants, and food vendors. The vision is to have a community gathering after court, where we can gather to shop, pick up some food, hang out with friends, play some games, and enjoy the evening.

By doing this we want to accomplish two things. First, not all members are part of a household camps or have the resources to do camp cooking. In the evening most members disappear to their own camps and newer members can feel isolated. We would like to offer options for everyone as well as a sense of community. Secondly, by offering this opportunity to multiple groups and households, they can fundraise without placing a huge burden on just one group and we can accommodate more people than we could in a traditional feast environment.


Food Vendors may contact

Lady Ysabel du Val (mka Marsha Halbrook)


Food Vendor Discussion & Coordination:

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA