Baronial Likes and Dislikes

Baroness Sunneva
Wistric's Portrait
Baron Wistric
Food & Drink Likes Cider, Gin & Tonics
Sekanjabin, sweet tea
Milk and dark chocolate (no white chocolate), caramel, most sweets
Pickles, cheese
Dark beers and liquors
Coffee, water
Sweet Tarts, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate
Coffee (cream and sugar), bacon or toast Food good. Coffee good (with cream. Or “Triple Grande Non-fat Latte”)
Food & Drink
Mead, beer, dry wines
Nuts, raisins, cilantro
Not a fan of sweet and savory combined
Bitter foods and drinks (vegetables, pickles, IPAs)
Allergies Crab Carrots
Interests Arts, archery, making things prettier Fightin’

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