AUGUST 2020 Baronial Business Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

05 August 2020, 1931

Notes submitted by Lady Aelia Bassina, South Downs Chronicler.

THL Lucien d’Artois called the August meeting to order. Our Seneschal, THL Juliane de Vivonne, greeted the populace joining the Zoom meeting. Juliane read the SCA Anti-Bullying statement and stated the meeting is being recorded.

Officers Reports

Herald (THL Lucien d’Artois)

  • We only had one award recipient this month, that would be Piers(Queen’s Rapier Champion).
  • We’ve had one name registrations.

Knight Marshal (Lady Mairghread Wilson)

  • Our Earl Marshal had put a notice on the kingdom page stating that there’s no in person events until the end of January 2021.
  • He also addressed unofficial fighter practice. Please be aware the SCA does not cover that so it would be on your own insurance.
  • Masks: just be prepared for when we come back together that we may have a mask mandate. It would be recommended to start practicing with a mask on.
  • New armored combat rules have been posted. No determinations have been made and probably will not be made for a while.

Rapier Marshal (Captain Brendan de Hay)

  • Nothing new to add.
  • Echo what the Knight marshal said.
  • There is a virtual fighter practice Facebook group. Virtual academy of the rapier is another Facebook group that is available.

Live Weapons (Mistress Mara Palmer)

  • No report.

Reeve (Mistress Alessandra Giovanna Fioravanti)

  • We have money, we spent it on the storage unit.
    • We spend about 287 a month on the storage unit, paid through October.
    • If Midwinter doesn’t happen, we may need to think about alternatives. If it doesn’t, we run into the situation where we don’t have money for events.
    • We are not at panic level yet.
    • Red Tower is completely paid for.
    • I need a deputy!

Lady Mairghread suggested that we have a budget to see where all the money needs to be spent.

Quartermaster (THL Lucien d’Artois)

  • Fortunately, we have stuff!
  • Nothing else to add

Chatelaine (Lord Nikon Dawidowicz)

  • There hasn’t been any movement as far as new members. I haven’t heard from anyone that someone approached them.

Demo Deputy (Lady Bú Feiyan)

  • No report

Arts & Sciences (THL Alisandre de la Chapelle)

  • We have A&S!
    • There is an A&S exchange that was suggested.
    • Kingdom A&S coming up this month.
    • We have a couple of classes coming up this month.
    • Think about ideas for largess, it will be a competition with a prize.

Chronicler (Lady Aelia Bassina)

  • First issue of the newsletter will be 1 October.
    • I am still looking for articles to be included. 

Social Media Minister (HE Emelina le Nourreys)

  • Our numbers are up.

Webminister (Captain Pietro di Conti) – (Includes work done by both Zhelana and Pietro)

  • Added pronouns for Piers, Mairghread, Alisandre, Aelia, Wistric, Iastreb, Lorenzo, Zhelana, Raven.  Note: we will only add pronouns for people who ask.
  • Updated the picture for Sunneva on the Baroness page and her personal page.
  • Updated Aelia to be official chronicler, gave her access to the chronicler login.  Set up a temp login for Raven to post old minutes.
  • Added device, title, link to blog to Aelia’s page
  • New pages created for Danielle de Lyon, Anna Felice Tavestoche, Michael Stagge, Sara Wandrownyczka
  • Added classes taught to Zhelana’s page
  • Updated Google form to add pronouns to the question list, and to forward email notifications to Zhelana
  • Established succession plans for the Webminister office to hand over the office to Zhelana (the current Deputy) at Midwinter A&S 2021.  Had several discussions on the succession plan with Baroness and Seneschal.
  • Prepared Westminster job description.
  • Added Mark to the order of the Red Raven.
  • Added Finnbarr as deputy chatelaine.
  • Updated device on Mairghread’s page
  • Added Queen’s Rapier Champion to Piers’ page.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer (DEI), (Vidushi Mewadi Margavati Bai)

  • Class went really well last month. There were a bunch of conversations that happened after. WE are looking forward to the next class. I am trying to give people opportunities to talk as much as I can.
    • The Society DEI officer will be doing a Q&A, I will try to promote it in more places than just the barony. 
    • If you hear of things happening, please let me know.
    • Thank you to everyone that’s been so open and understanding.

Her Excellency, Mistress Sunneva de Cleia

  • Tonight would be midnight madness at Pennsic. Just like with what happened at Gulf Wars, there are merchants that are out there and posted. If you have coin, they have wares.
  • Earlier this week was SCA Social Media Appreciation Day. I want to give thanks for both Emelina and Isabella. Thank you to everyone that has been keeping the SCA virtual. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
  • Award recommendations. Please send them. I would love to recognize people. There is an award recommendation page on our site. Sending in the recommendations really helps me and the scribes.
  • Discussion Point:
    • The Heart of South Downs and the Chivalry Awards. A couple of people have reached out to me regarding this. There will be a committee. If you would like to be on that committee, please let me or Wistric. All opinions are valid.
    • I like mailing stuff. If you need a care package or a friendly note, please PM me your address.
  • Remember to lean on your SCA family if you need to. Also, if you need to step back, it’s okay. We will see you when you get back. Keep the people impacted by this virus in your thoughts.

Minister of Children (Lady Una Ulfrdottir)

  • No report.

Seneschal, (THL Juliane de Vivonne)

  • We’ve lost two people recently. They passed very suddenly.
  • In the last two days, we have heard of 3 people that have tested positive for COVID, one being our King. Please wear masks and be safe.
  • I had announced at the last meeting that we were reinstating the Provost position. It’s basically organizing classes, making sure registration is sent to RUM. Lord Kal has been wonderful in doing that for us. I would love it if someone would reach out to me in their interest. It’s a great position for someone new to the Barony.
  • The BOD has canceled events until the 31st of January. That is for anything in person. If you do anything outside the SCA, you cannot post it on any official SCA page.
  • For Midwinter, it is close to when they allow in-person again. However, I do not believe that Midwinter will be allowed to happen. It wouldn’t fit with the rollout plan for the Kingdom/Society.
  • The Law Committee. They are accepting new members. It will be a rotating people. They are accepting nominations and self-nominations. One from each peerage and two from the populace. If that’s something that interests you or if you know someone that would do a really good job (get their permission first), please let them know. They have been meeting Tuesday nights. 
    • Iazzie stated that most Kingdom positions are for 2 years.

Recent Events

Upcoming Events

  • 10 August 2020 – LGBTQ+ 101 with Lykania and Cellach
  • 12 August 2020 – Project Night
  • 15 August 2020 – Virtual Meridies Kingdom A&S
  • 19 August 2020 – Intro to DEI with Society DEI Officer Q&A to follow
  • 22 August 2020 – Foxes 2020: Plague-Con
  • 26 August 2020 – Class Night – Maedeup: Korean Knots with Myeong Su

SCA Business

  • Margavati: I taught a class over the weekend for Pennsic for the Courtesans. It was neat because each kingdom has a day. It’s a great way to learn stuff. Justina hosted Meridies for the whole day. They are going all war week. Kal has been provosting. Yay, Barony of South Downs! We rock!
  • Jay: Do we have any more info on Castle Wars?
    • Juliane: Sunneva and I need to get together to sort things out. We will get that rolled out sometime soon.
  • Margavati: My husband had a big bucket of bone black. He has more. If you need bone black for pigment, please let him know.
  • Margavati: Countess Gwen is doing a project. It’s a grave finds recreation thing. It’s a glow up focus on grave finds. I only know what I need to know. If you’re interested, she’s doing that. Information is on the Kingdom page.

Business meeting was closed at 2021.

Next business meeting will be held 02 September 2020, 1900, Zoom Meeting.