Pietro di Conti

Photo courtesy Images by George

Captain Pietro di Conti

Scholar to Master Wistric Oftun

Last updated: 2020

Azure, a bend cotised between two coneys sejant argent.

Pronouns: he/him

Red Raven (11/20/2021)
Grant of Arms (Red Tower, 10/5/2019)
South Downs Chivalry Award (Red Tower, 10/5/2019)
Meridian Order of the Blade (Meridian Challenge of Arms, 2/23/2019)
Falcon’s Faith (South Downs, Midwinter A&S, 2/9/2019)
Argent Rapier (Castle Wars, 11/18/2017)
Kestrel’s Talon (South Downs, 10/7/2017)
Baronial Rapier Champion (South Downs, 3/26/2017-10/5/2019)
Award of Arms (Castle Wars, 11/19/2016)
Tower Gules (South Downs, 10/1/2016)
Meridian Cross (Royal University of Meridies, 7/16/2016)

16th Century Venice
Rapier fencing
Blackwork Embroidery
Map Making
Renaissance economics
Tablet weaving

Classes taught
“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Holy Land”

Current projects
Learning tablet weaving
Yes, we have Cochineal!

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA