Mairghread Wilson

Photo courtesy Ellen de Lacey

Lady Mairghread Wilson
Knight Marshal of South Downs
Youth Marshal

Squire to Sir Iastreb Desislavich
Last updated: 2020

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Official Email: km DOT southdowns AT meridies DOT org

Per chevron vert and azure, three chevronelles between two thistles and a lymphad under sail argent.

Pronouns: she/her

Order of the Bough (MCA 2/26/2022)
Argent Comet (11/20/2021)
Cygnet’s Nest (Midwinter A&S, 2/1/2020)
Heart of South Downs (Red Tower, 10/5/2019)
Red Raven (Red Tower) 10/5/2019
Argent Shield (Legends, 6/16/2018)
Kestrel’s Talon (South Downs) (Midwinter A&S, 2/3/2018)
Falcon’s Faith (South Downs) (Castle Wars, 11/18/2017)
Heavy Baronial Champion (South Downs) 3/26/2017-10/5/2019
Sable Griffon (Thor’s Mountain) 5/7/2016
Heavy Warlord Champion (Thor’s Mtn) 12/13/2014 – 12/12/2015
Award of Arms 5/11/2013
Ram’s Horn for Fighting (Thor’s Mountain) 10/27/2012

Heavy fighting
Rapier fighting
Youth fighting
Live weapons
Late period Scottish persona
Performing Arts
Youth and Family

Classes taught
Military Traditions Through the Ages
Youth Combat 101

Current projects
Study of fencing master George Silver
Belt tokens
Painting SCA table
Armor upgrades
Rewriting youth rapier combat rules for Kingdom

Personal Core Values: Integrity, Honor, Service

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA