April Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

1 April 2015


Notes submitted by Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler


Lord Bjorn Gullhar called the meeting to order.

Greetings from Master Ximon and His Excellency, Master Lorenzo


Officer reports

o    Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)

  • Introduced herself, due to new people present. Nothing new to report.
  • Asked if anyone wanted to see any specific projects from the Chronicler (newsletter? Directory?) to please let her know
  • Until the website is updated, please contact me via Facebook or at hbrethertonhay@mac.com

o    Exchequer (Lady Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)

  • Introduced herself, due to new people present. Had nothing to report, other than quarterly reports are coming due

o    A&S Minister (deputy, Lady Tryggva)

  • Tryggva, deputy A&S Minister, gave the report and introduced herself.
  • Is gathering info from those who want to teach classes and those who have ideas for classes
  • Upcoming class (April) – SCA for newcomers
  • 29 April – in garb 5th Wednesday social

o    Seneschal (deputy, Lord Mattias)

  • Mattias is running the meeting tonight
  • Transition from current seneschal (Master Ximon) to new seneschal (Lord Mattias) is in progress

o    Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullhar)

  • Two submissions (1 device, 1 name)
    • Master Ximon is now Captain Master Ximon, having been inducted into the Meridian Order of the Blade at Gulf Wars
    • Amaris has received her protégé belt at Gulf Wars

o    Knight Marshal (Lord Bram Halfdannarson)

  • Master Lorenzo reported on Lord Bram’s behalf
  • Joint practice (heavy and rapier) was held last Sunday at Blackburn park, during the Cherry Blossom Festival

o    Chatelaine (Lady Wilhemina)

  • Nothing to report


Baronial Business – events, etc.

o    Fool’s War

  • If you are interested in camping with South Downs, please contact Her Excellency
  • Mistress Margavati is coordinating war drumming for the armies at Fool’s War – volunteers welcome!
  • Captains Ximon, David, and Jean-Michel are all rapier warlords for Fool’s War


o    Demos

o    RUM (Royal University of Meridies)

  • As a Barony, we need to submit a bid for one kingdom-level event per year; we should really consider putting in a bid for RUM
  • Mistress Sybilla has suggested University of West Georgia for a site
  • A motion to vote on submitting a bid to host RUM was offered. Motion approved by acclamation.

o    Gulf Wars

  • Everyone had fun! Temps were warmer than expected, and for the most part, weather was drier than expected (except for the last night)
  • Lady Veronica did at least five scrolls for Gulf Wars court – huzzah!

o    Coronation

  • Scribal challenge will be held at coronation
    UPDATED INFORMATION for the Coronation Scribal Challenge (per Lady Mara Palmer, Parchment)
  • Please enter all scrolls by 9:30am as judging will be open from 10am to 4pm. All scrolls submitted will be added to the Kingdom case at the end of the day unless further work is required on the piece (added calligraphy, etc.)–if this is the case, please say so when the scroll is submitted and pick up your piece at 4:15pm. Winners will be announced at the ball.
  • For the Challenge, you may submit any non-peerage scroll to add to the Kingdom case (such as AoAs, GoAs, Argent Comets, etc.). Scrolls may be entered in multiple categories and will be judged on a category-by-category basis.

o    Crown’s Choice

    • Best Rus Scroll
    • Complete scrolls only
    • Teams allowed
    • Tracing allowed if noted
    • Preferrence for 11th c Kievan Rus

o    Parchment’s Choice

    • Completed scrolls only
    • Teams allowed
    • Tracing allowed if noted

o    Best Depiction of the Human Form (Baron Thomas Paumer)

    • Incomplete allowed, illumination will be judged
    • Teams allowed, prize for illumination
    • Tracing allowed
    • Image of the original is preferred, but not required
    • Grotesques allowed, but only the human half will be judged

o    Best Novice Calligraphy (Lady Mara Palmer)

    • Incomplete allowed, calligraphy will be judged
    • Teams allowed, prize for calligraphy
    • Tracing allowed, but if tracing the letters, it must be noted. Tracing for lines/lettering guides allowed without note.
    • Novice is defined as someone who has been doing calligraphy for less than 2 years and has not won any kingdom-level competitions for calligraphy.

o    Best Novice Illumination (Baroness Catriona the Blind)

    • Incomplete allowed, illumination will be judged
    • Teams allowed, prize for illumination
    • Tracing allowed if noted
    • Novice is defined as someone who has been doing illumination for less than 2 years and has not won any kingdom-level competitions for illumination.

o    Best Incomplete Scroll (Baroness Catriona the Blind)

    • Incomplete only
    • Single entrant only
    • Tracing allowed

o    Best Scroll with Flowers (Duquessa Elisenda de Luna)

    • Incomplete allowed, illumination will be judged
    • Teams allowed, prize for illumination
    • Tracing allowed
    • Image of the original is preferred, but not required

o    Best “Selfie” (Baronness Adela Scrijver van Brugge)

    • Must include depiction of a scribe
    • Incomplete allowed, bonus points for completion, illuminatino will be judged
    • Single entrant only
    • Documentation not required, but an image appreciated
    • The scribe depicted does not have to be you, but an attempt at depicting yourself will earn bonus points.
    • PRIZE: 16th century Italian folding table

o    Best Bird (Order of the Pelican)

    • Completed scrolls only
    • Teams allowed, prize for illumination
    • Tracing allowed

o    Best Period Correction (Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh)

    • Incomplete scrolls allowed
    • Teams allowed, prize for person making the correction
    • Must be an honest mistake, not intended
    • Calligraphy or Illumination

o    Best Diapering (Lady Julianna of Empingham)

    • Incomplete scrolls allowed, illumination will be judged
    • Teams allowed, prize for illumination
    • Tracing allowed

o    Best Faux Hand (Mistress Moreg Cochrane)

    • Runes, Cyrillic, Persian, etc. styled scripts, but legibly English
    • Incomplete scrolls allowed, calligraphy will be judged
    • Teams allowed, prize for calligraphy
    • Image of the inspiration appreciated, but not required
    • Tracing allowed, but should be noted if tracing letters

o    Best Use of Period Materials (Order of the Velvet Owl)

    • Completed scrolls recommended, but not required
    • Teams allowed
    • Tracing allowed (Bonus for period tracing techniques)
    • Min 3×5 index card explaining what period materials and techniques were used to make the piece.

o    Volume Challenge (Order of the Bough)

    • On ANY scroll submitted, points will be given per aspect contributed by each artisan: 1 point for lining, 1 point for illumination, 1 point for calligraphy. The person with the most points wins.
    • Incomplete scrolls allowed
    • Tracing allowed

o    Dreamstone

  • Baronial investiture for their Excellencies Bryn Madoc. We will be giving new silk banners to them.


o    Gulf Wars

  • Kudos to Lady Maire, Lady Tryggva, and Lord Bram (as well as all the others!) who volunteered at Gulf Wars
  • The barony will get a check for volunteering


o    Red Tower

  • Lady Maire and Lord Bram are finalizing site options. Discussion was held regarding tenting vs. cabins, tenting options at cabined sites
  • Currently, the site we have lined up is WoW in Gainesville, but it is somewhat expensive
  • Priorities are cost, kitchen/feast space
  • His Excellency has access to an additional camping database he is offering
  • Maire is allowing herself one more week to find options, then will move forward with securing site


o    Castle Wars

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Both for onsite, if you’re attending as well as off-site, if you can’t make it (helping with putting together presents and prizes for the volunteer raffle, for example)
  • The armored fighters want to to do a Friday Night Fight Club
  • His Excellency has thanked everyone who has submitted bids so far in advance


Other Baronial Business

o    There was some debate as to when the baronial meetings should start. Getting to the Rec Center by 7:00pm is difficult for many, but if we start it at 7:30pm, would people be prompt, or will it still run on SCA time. Nothing was really decided.

o    There was discussion about how to maximize communication within the Barony. Not everyone is on Facebook – but what options are there to reach the most people? Expand the website? Twitter? Yahoo Groups? We were reminded that the baronial Yahoo group (southdowns@yahoogroups.com) is available to everyone, you just need to sign up. It is rarely used any more except for automated announcements for practices and meetings.

o    Lady Wilhemina reported that Fabric World is selling untreated canvas at $2/yard; good for baronial dayshades! She also has access to pieces of leather, suitable for molding into armor, etc.

o    Lady Andreva invited everyone to come to her spring choral concert, featuring period music, on May 17. Contact her for more info.

o    Sawyer mentioned that the upcoming Atlanta Streets Alive will take place in the West End on April 19, should be lots of fun http://www.atlantastreetsalive.com/2015-routes/west-end-april-19/

o    Amaris will be working in the kilt shop at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (April 18–Memorial Day weekend)

o    Indian music workshops will take place in Huntsville this spring – please contact Mistress Margavati if interested

o    Did you miss the Viking clothing workshop and presentation out at University of West Georgia in March? Nille Glaesel will be offering it again in Nashville and Atlanta, dates TBD.


Next Baronial business meeting: 6 May 2015






A Letter From The Baron and Baroness

Unto all who read these words do Lorenzo and Adela, Baron and Baroness of South Downs, send greetings and good wishes.

A few weeks ago, we were honored to be invested into our new position and take on the responsibilities it entails. Red Tower was, as always, a wonderful event and showcased the many talents of the Barony’s populace. The hard work of both our long time members and our newest additions in making the event run smoothly were greatly appreciated.

We are eager to see what the future holds for both ourselves and the Barony, and what new traditions grow from the changes that are even now shaping that future. For example, recent weeks events have brought about a shift in venue for Castle Wars. While this obviously has resulted in a certain amount of upheaval in the usual plans of those attending (and hosting) the event, it also will provide opportunities to make new memories in new surroundings. We look forward to seeing all of our friends from the Barony and beyond in November, to cross swords in battle and raise glasses in celebration.

Baron’s Prize Tourney at Red Tower

Here is the word of Master Lorenzo, whose investiture will take place at Red Tower:

Red Tower XLII Baron’s Prize Tourney: The Duelists’ Challenge

This year’s Baron’s Prize List is a chance for rapier fighters to showcase their virtues by issuing challenges to their fellow combatants. All combatants will be ranked in reverse order of precedence and each in turn shall issue a challenge. Number of combatants, weapon style, and victory conditions are at the discretion of the challenger. If time permits, more than one round of challenges may be issued. The winner will be judged on the following criteria:

Courage: Is the challenge a true test of the combatant’s ability against worthy foes? Beware: Courage without Prudence leads to folly!

Prowess: Skill at arms is the heart of any duel, but do not forget Compassion in your pursuit of Prowess.

Noblesse: Artful words, elegant attire, and refined bearing reflect the quality of one’s character, when properly tempered with Humility.

Baroness’s Prize Tourney at Red Tower

Here is the word of the Mistress Adela, whose investiture will take place at Red Tower:

Red Tower XLII Baroness’ Prize Tourney: Luck of the Draw

While skill is invaluable to any warrior, often luck plays as large a role in determining victory. Each combatant will draw a card with a number on it, and will then fight the person who drew the same number. If there are an odd number of combatants, one person will be granted a bye for the round. Combats will occur in order of the numbers chosen. Weapon styles will be selected by each combatant from a separate deck of cards (unusual weapons will be provided for those who do not have their own). The winners of the first round of fights will choose again from a reduced set of numbers, and so on. The details of the final combat will be determined based on the number of participants.

Fifth Wednesday

July is one of four months of the year that has five Wednesdays.  This Wednesday the Barony Arts and Sciences team will be working on designing a banner for use at both events and gatherings.  We would love your help with this effort.  Also, several members of the populace will be available to help you with draping fabric if you need assistance as you sew your grab. 

Arts and Sciences Class – Inkle Looms 101



Have you ever wanted to make your own trim, but not sure how to get started?  You are in luck . . . .  At our monthly class night on Wednesday, July 23, THL Beldthora Serpentsdottir will be teaching a beginner’s class on how to set up and use an inkle loom to create beautiful trim.  This class is scheduled fro 7:00 until 9:00 as time is needed for both learning to set up the loom and to weave.


Tools and supplies you will need:

  • Cotton crochet thread in two or more colors in one of the following sizes:  3, 5, 10, or 20 (The higher the number, the thinner the thread.)
  • Inkle loom, if you have one



Welcome to the Barony of South Downs!

We’re the Atlanta area group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit educational organization started in 1966 dedicated to research and reenactment of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (and other time periods pre-17th century). We welcome anyone who is interested in bringing the past to life with us!

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA