October 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

2 October 2019, 7:30pm

Notes submitted by Captain Brendan de Hay, Baronial Rapier Marshal, and Lady Raven Helmsplitter, South Downs Chronicler.

THL Lucien d’Artois called the meeting to order. Our Seneschal, THL Mark de Wytteney, sez “Welcome! If you did not sign in, please sign in!”

Officers Reports

  • Herald (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • Awards
      • Crossroads
      • Lord John Kirikov – Argent Shield
      • Cellach ingen Oengusa – Award of Arms
    • LOAR not returned yet
  • Knight Marshal (Lady Mairghread Wilson)
    • There is no practice this Sunday (6 October 2019), due to Red Tower
    • We will likely move Sunday practice to the Viking Alchemist Meadery site (3080 Jonquil Dr., Smyrna, GA 30080) starting 13 October 2019.
      • Free indoor space, non-fighters can hang out in air conditioned rooms
      • Mead likely served after 1 January 2020 (depending on permitting)
      • Practice can run as late as we want
      • Near I-285/I-75 interchange
    • Called to a vote, seconded (only Sir Iazzie dissented 😉 )
    • (Seneschal vote: water nozzles for drinking bottles have been 3D printed by Lady Bú – super cool!)
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • Hi! Welcome! and thank you!
    • Arrangements for Sunday practice at the Meadery are in the process of being finalized (Yay!); until then, Sunday practices will continue at Brook Run Park, and Tuesday evening practices will remain there (no change)
    • A continuing thank you to all who have been helping out with practices
    • Nothing to report for Red Tower
    • Come to Castle Wars! There are some awesome scenarios in teh works, including those with audience participation!
  • Chatelaine (Lady Justina di Silvestri)
    • Getting ready for Red Tower!
    • Demo Deputy (Lady Bú Feiyan)
      • Bú organized a booth for the Barony at the Maker Faire on 27-28 September at Georgia State Stadium
        • We got a page and a half of names from visitors to the booth who were interested in getting more info about the Barony! IT was great to watch the kids as they asked about what happens in the SCA
        • All our business cards were handed out
        • We are hoping that some of those who visited our booth may come by Red Tower
        • Our booth neighbor was Freeside ATL, who has offered us a free day every month (at our convenience) to use their equipment (industrial sewing machines, metalworking and woodworking equipment, etc.). They used to have a group come in regularly, but they stopped coming by. The Freeside ATL people would love to have another group come in regularly.
        • THL Andreva asked Bú if she could set up a poll on the Baronial Facebook group to see when would be the best time to get us set up there.
  • Arts & Sciences (THL Alisandre de la Chapelle)
    • We have A&S in the Barony, and it is good! Yay!
    • It’s the end of the third quarter – please let Alisandre know about what projects you’ve been working on (yes, you!) so she can include it in her quarterly report describing all the cool stuff the Barony is doing
    • This month’s Arts and Sciences class topic is bookbinding, and it is a make + take class taught by Mistress Margavati. Please note that class size is limited, so if you’d like to participate in the class, please register via the Baronial website. However, there is no limit on those who would simply like to observe the class.
    • Alisandre discussed with Lord Einarr about teaching a weekend-long A&S demo on LED lanterns – the primary challenge is trying to schedule it around Red Tower and Castle Wars, so stay tuned for updates!
    • Interested in teaching a Baronial Arts & Sciences class in 2020? Submit your class idea on this form, or contact Alisandre directly.
  • Reeve (THL Andreva Rigaldi)
    • We have money! yay!
    • As it is the second day of the fourth quarter, she has not had a chance to look at the statements yet, so she doesn’t have a report at this time.
    • The Barony has a lot of expenses this quarter due to Red Tower and Castle Wars, so if you have a receipt, please submit it as soon as possible for reimbursement.
  • Webminister (Captain Pietro di Conti)
    • We have a website!
    • Updated fighter practice page with live weapons practices for September and October
    • Updated Red Tower event page with latest info:
      • Armored fighting, rapier, thrown weapons, archery, and overall event schedules
    • Updated Castle Wars event page with latest info:
      • Castle Wars flyer, linked to Castle Wars Facebook event page
      • PayPal registration
    • New profile pages for:
      • Countess Gwenhwyfar Mwynn
      • Lord John Kirikov
    • Updated awards for:
      • Lady Cellach ingen Oengusa
  • Keeper of the Baronial Memes (Social Media Minister) (THL Emelina le Nourreys)
    • We have social media! Yay!
    • Yay! We have more followers on Instagram!
    • We will have great social media coverage at Red Tower this weekend – we would love to have a picture of everyone in the Barony
  • Minister of Children (Lady Melusine of South Downs, THL Mark de Wytteney reporting)
    • We have kids! Yay!
    • Melusine is excited about the kids’ activities at our upcoming events
    • The Ministry has received several fantastic donations
    • We will have lots of activities to offer the children attending Red Tower; however, children’s activities will start a little late as Melusine is helping with breakfast first
  • Seneschal (THL Mark de Wytteney)
    • Reminded everyone to please sign in if they hadn’t done so already.
    • (THL Juliane, Deputy Seneschal, takes over the reporting…)
      • We have two issues, both involving money.
        1. The meeting site has raised their rates again, to $100 for the first two hours
        2. They are not taking any more reservations after December, and we don’t have a reason why – Juliane hopes to have more information on this tonight. (ETA: this should just be a formality, as there will be a new Mayor of Doraville in January; we don’t need to be concerned, but she will continue to monitor the situation.)
        3. The storage facility fees are also increasing, to $289 per month (+$114/quarter)
      • Andreva is confident that we can swing the cost increases, especially given that the site is so convenient and awesome. The storage unit also has a lot of conveniences. Both are also already paid up through the end of the year.
      • Master Lorenzo pointed out that if we have project night at Freespace, that would make up the cost difference for the meeting site.
  • Their Excellencies, Master Wistric and Mistress Sunneva
    • We still have a baby! yay!
    • Props to Lady Bú for running Our Maker Faire presence – she rocks!
    • Interested in being a courtier (assisting Their Excellencies at events)? Please contact Baroness Sunneva – they’ll need a lot of help at Red Tower. Serving as a courtier is an easy way to learn about how events are run.
    • Mark commented that serving as a courtier during Court gives you a great view of everyone who receives awards during Court.
    • Baron Wistric thanked the gentle who brought them beaded bracelets as prizes for Their Excellencies’ tournaments.
    • Award recommendations – send them in, please! We have events (yay!) and we love to give out awards. Hit them up or fill out the award form on the seneschal page. They keep all the recommendations they receive

Upcoming Events

  • Red Tower (4-6 October, 2019)
    • Has everyone seen Lady Ellerete’s (Illy’s) updates? She’s building some great things for the event!
    • We need to spray the field for ants tomorrow – can anyone help out during the day (before 5pm?) Please let Lady Isabella or THL Justina ASAP
    • We need help loading out from the storage unit 8am Friday morning!
    • Reservationist reports that feast and cabins are sold out and both have waitlists (don’t hold your breath, tho)
    • Speaking of liquor (???)… donations of money and booz are welcome for the revel
    • Site tokens – blue marbles in the ziploc bag are for A&S voting, and the clear ones are for the baronial bebbeh
    • Speaking of Troll, Andreva reminded everyone that there were a bunch of people who took her recent How to Troll class, and Mistress Alessandra needs help!
    • Gold Key will be available at Troll – there is plenty available
    • Baby tokens will be brought to the field for the marshals to distribute
    • We are expecting a good turnout of armored fighters at Red Tower, in honor of an elevation that will take place at Red Tower
  • Castle Wars (21-24 November 2019)
    • Do we want Count Sinclair’s tavern at Castle Wars, since we have the feast hall available for revel
    • Baroness Irina had a golf cart at Fools’ War, but they had priced out golf carts for 40 Year and got some good pricing. This will help with getting people out to parking. We need to decide on whether to go ahead and pay for the insurance and will get hard numbers for golf cart rentals.
    • Ximon offered to help with his truck as back up if necessary
    • Isabetta asked Juliane to see if they can schedule a walkthrough of the site sometime soon to scope out parking
    • Equestrian has found their own space at the camp that works better for them – we can use their original space either for fighting or more camping
    • Sir Bryce posted his scenario ideas – they are really fun!
    • Andreva clarified – Red Tower is CABINS ONLY and NO PETS (service animals OK); Castle Wars, on the other hand, is tenting only, pets ok (with rabies documentation)
    • There will be doggie bags at troll, so there is no excuse to not clean up after your puppers
    • The site has zero tolerance for:
      • Taking a picture of you with alcohol or a cigarette and they see it, we could lose the site
    • Ximon will be organizing the baronial encampment – yay! This includes organizing dinners during CW. IF you want to help, please contact Ximon directly.
    • For castle wars, come volunteer for troll! it’s right next to our encampment!
    • Get your reservations in!

Other SCA Business

  • Sites
    • Juliane encouraged everyone to keep an eye out for potential sites, especially for events like Midwinter Arts & Sciences and RUM

Non-SCA Business

  • Mistress Mara is having a baby shower for their baby at Red Tower; Countess Thorkatla is hosting it from 12-1
  • Decatur Makers is putting together a forge, and is looking for wood ash – let Bú know
  • Margavati heard on NPR that the Fernbank has an Silk Road exhibit through 5 January 2020

Business meeting is closed.

Next business meeting will be held Wednesday, 6 November 2019, at the Doraville Civic Center.