Baron’s Prize Tourney at Red Tower

Here is the word of Master Lorenzo, whose investiture will take place at Red Tower:

Red Tower XLII Baron’s Prize Tourney: The Duelists’ Challenge

This year’s Baron’s Prize List is a chance for rapier fighters to showcase their virtues by issuing challenges to their fellow combatants. All combatants will be ranked in reverse order of precedence and each in turn shall issue a challenge. Number of combatants, weapon style, and victory conditions are at the discretion of the challenger. If time permits, more than one round of challenges may be issued. The winner will be judged on the following criteria:

Courage: Is the challenge a true test of the combatant’s ability against worthy foes? Beware: Courage without Prudence leads to folly!

Prowess: Skill at arms is the heart of any duel, but do not forget Compassion in your pursuit of Prowess.

Noblesse: Artful words, elegant attire, and refined bearing reflect the quality of one’s character, when properly tempered with Humility.