Baroness’s Prize Tourney at Red Tower

Here is the word of the Mistress Adela, whose investiture will take place at Red Tower:

Red Tower XLII Baroness’ Prize Tourney: Luck of the Draw

While skill is invaluable to any warrior, often luck plays as large a role in determining victory. Each combatant will draw a card with a number on it, and will then fight the person who drew the same number. If there are an odd number of combatants, one person will be granted a bye for the round. Combats will occur in order of the numbers chosen. Weapon styles will be selected by each combatant from a separate deck of cards (unusual weapons will be provided for those who do not have their own). The winners of the first round of fights will choose again from a reduced set of numbers, and so on. The details of the final combat will be determined based on the number of participants.