A Letter From The Baron and Baroness

Unto all who read these words do Lorenzo and Adela, Baron and Baroness of South Downs, send greetings and good wishes.

A few weeks ago, we were honored to be invested into our new position and take on the responsibilities it entails. Red Tower was, as always, a wonderful event and showcased the many talents of the Barony’s populace. The hard work of both our long time members and our newest additions in making the event run smoothly were greatly appreciated.

We are eager to see what the future holds for both ourselves and the Barony, and what new traditions grow from the changes that are even now shaping that future. For example, recent weeks events have brought about a shift in venue for Castle Wars. While this obviously has resulted in a certain amount of upheaval in the usual plans of those attending (and hosting) the event, it also will provide opportunities to make new memories in new surroundings. We look forward to seeing all of our friends from the Barony and beyond in November, to cross swords in battle and raise glasses in celebration.