September Baronial Business Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

07 September2022, Time: 1931

Notes submitted by Baronessa Aelia Bassina, South Downs Chronicler.

Master Mathias Blackett called the September meeting to order. Our Seneschal, Lady Raven Helmsplitter, greeted the populace joining the Zoom meeting. Raven read the Kingdom Anti-Bullying statement.

Officers Reports

Seneschal, (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)

  • Nikoslav has received the refunded deposit for our meeting site and is working on getting the check to Justina to deposit into the baronial account
  • I am still working on getting info about the art space site as a potential alternate A&S or project night site
  • The September meeting schedule has been posted to our FB group:
    • Tonight – Baronial Business meeting (virtual)
    • 9/14 – Project night (virtual)
    • 9/21 – A&S night Building scrolls (virtual)
    • 9/28 – Dance night (in person – yay!)
  • We are looking for bids for Midwinter A&S (Saturday, 2/4/2023). Please contact Their Excellencies or the seneschal if interested or if you have questions
  • As a Barony, we are required to submit a bid for one KLE each year. As of now, the following 2023 KLEs have not had any bids submitted:
    • War College (1/27-29/2023)
    • MCA (2/24-26/2023)
    • Spring Coronation (3/31 – 4/2/2023)
    • Artsy Crown (5/26-29/2023 – Memorial Day weekend)

Herald (Lady Bú Feiyan)     

  • Nothing to report.

Knight Marshal (Lord Erikr Palsson)

  • We won’t be having practice the weekend of Red Tower.
    • Not planning on bringing loaner gear, but I will be bringing authorization paperwork.
  • I will be looking to see if there is interest in a substitute marshal the weekend of MGT, I know our 2 regular knights aren’t attending so one of them may fill in for me.

Rapier Marshal (Captain Brendan de Hay)

  • Red Tower!  Thanks to Baron Piers for taking on the Rapier Marshal position for RT, and thanks to Master Ximon for helping him out (I understand they are collaborating so both can participate.).
  • Castle Wars!  Plans are underway for a Friday night fundraiser tourney as well as Saturday melee activities.  WooHoo!
  • Practices continue, Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings, which leads to…
    • My work is increasing again for the fall season.  I’ll need help making sure that practices have adequate marshaling and gear management.  Please contact me if you would like to help cover when my slack butt can’t be there.

Live Weapons (Master Mathias Blackett)

  • August practice changed locations due to the site hosts needing to prep for Dragon*con.
  • We held practice at my house in Lawrenceville; we held 2 archery classes, practiced with an atlatl, and recorded 2 TWICs.
  • Additionally, Roís O’Shannon completed the Reaper Challenge, shooting 100 arrows every day for 100 days.
  • Archery at Red Tower is looking like it’s a go.
  • Practice for this month may not happen, stay tuned!

Reeve (La Magnifica Justina di Silvestri)

  • Our bank account as of Sept is $6,761.64
  • Storage has been paid for September but they are raising the price again so next month it is a $583 payment, which is $117 more than last month, making our cost difference from the beginning of the year up by $234 per month.
  • We now have a PO Box:
    • P.O. Box 681863
    • Marietta, GA 30068
  • So moving forward, mailed-in reservations or necessary public addresses can go through there. I’ll be checking it on Fridays

Quartermaster (Mistress Isabetta de San Marco

  • Nothing to report.

Chatelaine (Lord Ogata Tarō Hiroyuki)

  • I would like to give a shout-out to our lovely scribes and calligraphers who helped make the August scribal night happen. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person, but I’m really happy that our newcomers had a chance to deepen their connection to the scribal arts
  • So, thank you immensely to…Sunneva, Aelia, Myeong Su Daegam, Lorenzo, and Emelina
  • Y’all rock!

Demo Deputy (Lady Bú Feiyan)

  • Nothing new currently.  
  • Waiting on a response from AWA to confirm our table still.

Arts & Sciences (HE Rhiannon verch Madyn)

  • Not much to report this month. 
  • I wanted to thank everyone for filling in the Baronial A&S tracking spreadsheet or sending me the info when the sheet does not behave. 
  • We’re finishing up the details for the first Baroness’s Challenge to be announced at Red Tower and run for the first time at Castle Wars. After it’s announced in Court, I’ll post all the details to the FB page.

Provost (Seong Myeong Su Daesaseong)

  • Class this month will be virtual on September 21st at 8:00 PM. It will be Building Scrolls with Hlāford Bran Mydwynter from Atlantia. 
  • Class for October will be a Theodosia Colloquia (Ted Talk) hosted by La Magnifica Justina Di Silvestri. Come out and share your knowledge!
  • Red Tower Notes:
    • The overall schedule is being finalized and will be published soon. We’ve got a lot of great classes, so I hope everyone is excited! Thanks to Lord Aelfric for organizing the classes for Red Tower.
    • Still looking for some spots to fill for various jobs for Red Tower, so if you’re interested, please let me or Isabella know!

Chronicler (Baronessa Aelia Bassina)

  • May have a new deputy, woohoo!
  • Nothing else to report.

Social Media Minister (Lady Isabella Parr & Lady Agnes Halydaye

  • Business as usual with Social Media. We have social media, we gain a few friends and got some engagement on posts!
  • For those who love the numbers:
    • Facebook page reached 831 people and 503 engagements. 12 new followers
    • The Facebook group got 2 new members
    • Instagram gained 27 new followers. A lovely boost from our demo at the lag and shout-out on their IG.
    • Twitter remains the same.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (DEI), (Vidushi Mewadi Margavati Bai & Lily of South Downs)

  • Nothing to report for this month except in that in a month or two when the kingdom office changes over, he will not be able to continue his role. I will be stepping into his role. This means that Lily will be stepping up as the Baronial DEI officer. We’ll make an official announcement when the change happens.
  • Will be looking into quiet space for Red Tower.
  • Lord Red is teaching a DEI class at Red Tower.

Webminister (Lady Zhelana Vovkivna)

  • Nothing to report.

Minister of Children (Lady Una Ulfrdottir)

  • The schedule for Red Tower 2022 has been decided. Myndee (Deputy MoC) and Lex (our guest teacher) are going to be helping me all day. 
  • The classes are going to be:
    • Morning: The Story of the Moon Festival and Intro to Chinese Characters and Basic Paper Lanterns – Pretty and Practical
    • Afternoon: Lion Dance Intro: The Magic of Luck, Lore, and Noise and Knot So Lucky – Intro to Chinese knots
  • We’ve already started purchasing supplies and will send receipts to Justina as soon as we have them all.

Their Excellencies, (Master Wistric Oftun & Mistress Sunneva de Cleia)

  • I don’t have a huge amount of stuff to report. We’ve been busy preparing for Red Tower.
  • Wistric will be joining later, he’s catching up on work.
  • The Order of the Swift’s Heart. Please fill out your ballot. Remember this is a work in progress. We appreciate the enthusiasm. 
    • The very first medallion is being worked, it will be very beautiful!
  • Veronica is our new Baronial Scroll Boss. YAY! I know she’s going to do an amazing job!
  • We are so excited about Red Tower. We’re working hard to keep up with all of you planning this. We need retainers, a link will go out soon. 
  • We might need a helping hand with Carver during court. We would be willing to pay for a camp sitter!
  • The person doing the class this class is my apprentice brother! The most recent scroll he created was a bronze age mirror for someone with that persona and a bass scroll. It was quite cool.
  • Keep on being awesome!

SCA Business

  • Master Mathias
    • For those who remember Wulfstan and Thorkatla’s reign, there were two scoundrels that acted up during their reign. We are looking for people. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out.
  • Lord Ogata Tarō Hiroyuki
    • Vices & Virtue
      • Mistress Veronica was inducted into the Order of the Bough.
      • Lola authorized for rapier
      • Captian Pietro won the Patience & Wrath sword and dagger tournament.
  • Red Tower Notes:
    • Daegam Soong Myeong-Su
      • The overall schedule is being finalized and will be published soon. We’ve got a lot of great classes, so I hope everyone is excited! Thanks to Lord Aelfric for organizing the classes for Red Tower.
      • Still looking for some spots to fill for various jobs for Red Tower, so if you’re interested, please let me or Isabella know!
      • Feastcrat is looking for servers
      • We are still looking for help with Royal Lunch.
      • We need help with setting up and tear down. 
      • I will talk to Margavati about the quiet space
      • If you pre-reg you get a cabin! It’s cabins only, no camping.
      • We have a port-a-potty company
      • Shout out to Mirghred for the traveler’s fare. Shout out to Ogata for the feast. Owl’s Nest will be doing a fundraiser lunch.
  • Castle Wars
    • Baron Piers Simmons
      • We need a pottycrat
      • Our pre-reg will be open soon
      • The roses have contacted me and they would like to do a fundraiser Friday Night Fight. It’s a single-elimination event. With your donation for Breast Cancer, you get a second life.
      • If you have questions, let me know.
    • Seong Myeong Su – Will there be encampments?
      • Yes. We are trying to use a similar map as we did last time.
  • Seong Myeong Su – I made Their Majesties Trimeris coronation garb.

Non-SCA Business

  • None

The business meeting was closed @ 2011

The next business meeting will be held on 05 October 2022, 1930, Zoom Meeting.