Baron Ximon Martillo de Cordoba

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Master Ximon Martillo de Cordoba

Last updated: 2021

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Ximon's Device
Lozengy argent and gules, on a fess sable a war hammer argent.

Baronial Award of Excellence (11/20/2021)
Meridian Majesty (Red Tower, 10/5/2019)
Kestrel’s Talon (South Downs) (Red Tower, 10/6/2018)
Sovereign’s Pleasure (Coronation – Last Court of Wulfstan and Thorkatla, 4/2/2016)
Meridian Order of the Blade (Gulf Wars XXIV, 3/19/2015)
Argent Lily (4/6/2013)
Argent Rapier (8/25/2012)
Red Raven (South Downs, date unknown)
South Downs Chivalry Award (2011)
Court Barony (Kingdom of the West, 5/29/2010)
Pelican (6/23/2007)
Ash Leaf (Kingdom of the West, 7/2/2005)
Queen’s Cypher (Kingdom of the West, 1/3/2004)
Leaf of Merit (10/26/2002)
Rose Leaf (7/7/2002)
Award of Arms (7/15/1995)

Spain from 1560 to 1600
History & Culture
Rapier fighting

Classes taught
Rapier 101
Banner Pole Making
How to Watch a Rapier Fight

Current projects

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA