Piers Simmons

Baron Piers Simmons

Protege to

Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross

Scholar to
Master Mikolaj Pilypaitis
Last updated: 2020

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Email: twarsmith AT gmail DOT com

Piers Device


Sable, on a mullet of six points Or a dragon statant gules, in canton two rapiers inverted in saltire, an orle Or.

Pronouns: he/his



Baronial Award of Excellence (11/20/2021)
Queen’s Rapier Champion (Online, 07/19/2020)
Kestrel’s Talon (South Downs) (Red Tower, 10/5/2019)
Court Barony (Gulf Wars, 3/14/2019)
Bough (Menhir, 1/19/2019)
Grant of Arms (Spring Coronation, 4/7/2018)
Falcon’s Faith (South Downs) (Castle Wars, 11/18/2017)
Sable Gryphon (Thor’s Mountain) (Vor’s May Academy, 5/7/2016)
Silver Heart (Thor’s Mountain) (10/18/2014)
Argent Comet (4/12/2014)
Argent Rapier (8/24/2013)
Award of Arms (10/27/2012)
Ram’s Horn for Service (Thor’s Mountain)
Ram’s Horn for Fighting (Thor’s Mountain)

None at this time.

Rapier fencing
Heavy fighting
16th Century England
16th Century English backing

Classes taught
Rapier 101

Current projects
Studying Master George Silver
Studying Master Joseph Swetnam

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA