Morgan Ironheart

Photo courtesy Images by George
Sir Morgan Ironheart, OD

Last active: 2018

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Per fess indented Or and sable, a wyvern erect and a mullet of four points counterchanged.

Master of Defense (Coronation: Final Court of Mordan and Emelyne, 10/10/2015)
Queen’s Rapier Champion (4/6/2013)
Meridian Order of the Blade (10/13/2012)
Argent Rapier (8/29/2009)
Knight (11/7/2003)
Sable Tower (South Downs) (6/24/2001)
Legion of the Bear (5/11/2001)
Argent Shield (8/16/2000)

Heavy fighting
Rapier fencing

Classes taught
Reading the Renaissance

Current projects

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA