Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya

Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya
Mentor to Lady Zoe and Lady Alisandre

Last updated: 2019

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Red Raven (10/4/2014)
Guiding Hand (7/17/2010)
Heart of South Downs (2008)
Golden Gryphon’s Heart (9/13/2003)
Laurel (6/14/2003)
Gryphon’s Eye (2/14/2003)
Laboring Artists Recognition (Company of Loch Salann, 2/14/2003)
Court Barony (6/8/2002)
Flower (1/8/2000)
Argent Hart (12/5/1998)
Dreamstone (Bryn Madoc, 5/11/1996)
Meridian Cross (2/25/1995)
Award of Arms (4/30/1994)
Tower Argent

Middle eastern costuming
Middle eastern dance

Classes taught
Persian Dance
Instant Gratification Embroidery or How to design projects that don’t make you cry

Current projects
Caftan project

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA