Castle Wars 2021

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Schedule of activities at Castle Wars

November 18-21 2021


The kingdom of Meridies has a mask requirement for all members of the populace, with the exception of fighters ON THE FIELD. Once a fighter steps off the field and removes their helm or fencing mask, they must wear a mask. This includes all in-person gatherings, demos, and public practices. At in-person events, under ones’ own pavilion, masks may be removed while eating or drinking but must be worn at all other times.”

We’re back for business! Please join us for Castle Wars 2021!

In accordance with current SCA, Inc and Kingdom Guidelines:
The event is pre-registration only.
A Covid-19 vaccine card or negative test result is required to attend.
No meals will be provided at the event.
The Vaccine guidelines can be found at
Thank you for understanding these new safety measures!

Event Stewards:
Master Ximon Martillo de Cordoba
xochimil at yahoo dot com
THL Isabetta de San Marco
depthxofxdreams at gmail dot com

THL Angharat merch Morcant
angharat (dot) merch (dot) morcant at gmail (dot) com
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