March 2020 Baronial Business Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

4 March 2020, 7:30pm

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter, South Downs Chronicler.

THL Lucien d’Artois called the meeting to order. Our new Seneschal, THL Juliane de Vivonne, sez “Welcome! If you did not sign in, please sign in!”

Before the officers began giving their reports, THL Piers asked to speak before the populace. He offered an apology for how he handled the coronation bid he submitted.

Officers Reports

  • Herald (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • Nothing to report
    • Lucien is also the kingdom submissions deputy; if you want to submit something, please let him take a look at it before you submit it officially. It will save you time and money to do so, and he’s more than happy to help. Just contact him via Facebook or text him directly.
    • Sir Iazzie offered a PSA: a lot of people like to do their heraldic consultations at Gulf Wars, but it’s always better to work locally and wrap things up (if needed) at Gulf Wars. It usually adds time to processing your submission if you don’t work locally first – the heralds at Gulf Wars get slammed with consultations
    • Mistress Alessandra mentioned that another reason to not have your consultations done at Gulf Wars is that alcohol might be involved there, and you might end up with strange results 😀
  • Knight Marshal (Lady Mairghread Wilson), Lord Jürgen reporting
    • Mairghread will be out of town for a couple of weeks for training for her new business, so Lord Jürgen will cover Tuesday evening practices in her absence
    • Practices are going well – Sunday practice continues at the incipient Viking Alchemist Meadery site (3080 Jonquil Dr., Smyrna, GA 30080). Everyone is very happy with the site! We have gone back to holding joint practices on Tuesday evenings with the rapier fighters at Brook Run Park, 4770 N Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338, near the Veterans’ Memorial.
  • Rapier Marshal (Captain Brendan de Hay)
    • Levetan Park may be getting too dark for Tuesday evening practices. So far, so good, but suggestions for alternate locations are welcome.
    • Thanks, as always, to our collection of rapier marshals who make it possible for practice to happen without me. Efforts to get a couple more people warranted are under way.
  • Live Weapons (Mistress Mara Palmer), THL Juliane reporting
    • People have been shooting stuff! Yay!
    • We have equipment! Yay!
    • There have been some issues with the Royal Rankings – we are working through them, just be patient
    • Upcoming practices are, as always, posted on the South Downs/Owl’s Nest Live Weapons Practice group, so come check us out!
  • Reeve (Mistress Alessandra Fioravanti)
    • We have money! yay!
    • She finished the report for Midwinter – we made a profit of $1,272 from the event. Yay!
  • Quartermaster (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • We have stuff! Yay!
    • He is planning to do another inventory before the spring event season gets too far underway, but it will likely be after Gulf Wars
  • Chatelaine (Lord Nikon Dawidowicz)
    • Tom has accepted the deputy chatelaine position. Yay!
    • Demo Deputy (Lady Bú Feiyan)
      • Our next demo will be on 9 May at the Alpharetta Library; they are looking in particular for people to demonstrate calligraphy and embroidery inside the Library and fighters outside. The indoor demos will be very hands-on.
  • Arts & Sciences (THL Alisandre de la Chapelle)
    • We have A&S in the Barony, and it is good! Yay!
    • It’s time for the quarterly report – post what you’ve done the past three months on the baronial A+S spreadsheet so we can document it.
    • This month’s A&S class will be about silkworms taught by Erin Neko Hennessy (what is your SCA name?)
    • April’s A&S class will be on weaving with gold thread, taught by Mistress Alessandra
    • Speaking of A&S classes in the new year… are you interested in teaching a Baronial Arts & Sciences class in 2020? Submit your class idea on this form, or contact Alisandre directly.
    • There was a good turnout at the A&S/group visit to Fine Fabrics. Everyone first met up at the food court at the Global Mall for delicious Indian food, then we headed over to Fine Fabrics for a guided tour (for those like your Chronicler who gets easily overwhelmed there).
    • It is also gift basket season! Their Excellencies will need largesse for event season gifts. They’ll give Alisandre a list of largesse they already have – if you are considering making something for this effort, please contact Alisandre first so she can coordinate if necessary
  • Keeper of the Baronial Memes (Social Media Minister) (THL Emelina le Nourreys)
    • We have social media! Yay!
    • Yay! We have 20 new followers on Instagram!
    • Emelina has set up the Instagram account to automatically crosspost to Facebook
    • Social media posts from MCA got picked up by Society
  • Webminister (Captain Pietro di Conti)
    • We have a website! yay!
    • Cleaned up website menus, removing obsolete links
    • Replaced the 2019 A&S baronial class schedule with a link to THL Alisandre’s 2020 A&S spreadsheet
    • Updated baronial meetings page with the new Freeside Atlanta project night location
    • Added profile for Erikr and added him as a deputy on the Knight Marshal page
    • Added Lady Aelia as deputy on the Chronicler page
    • Submitted quarterly report to the kingdom webminster
  • Their Excellencies, Master Wistric and Mistress Sunneva
    • Thanked everyone who worked on Midwinter A&S last month
    • Reminded everyone who is planning to go to Gulf Wars that if you are considering volunteering, make sure you get your volunteer hours logged and (if so), consider applying those hours to South Downs.
  • Seneschal (THL Juliane de Vivonne)
    • Red Tower will actually start in September; not sure how this will impact the PopChiv event requirements
    • We have unofficially had our Artsy Crown bid approved; the event flyer is being published in PopChiv
    • Kingdom was notified that Coronation’s feastcrat is looking for middle and high school aged children to serve feast, and there will be a teen hafla afterwards.
    • Juliane described a plan for the next five years – she was going to take it easy and not autocrat any events in 2019, but would look at autocratting Castle Wars in 2020 before she stepped up as seneschal as she isn’t comfortable with the idea of autocratting while serving as seneschal.
      • However, she had already been making plans to autocrat this year’s Castle Wars and has asked THL Isabetta to co-autocrat Castle Wars with her so she can recuse herself from any financial issues for the event
      • Iazzie had concerns since this would remove a layer of responsibility for the barony that would be problematic.
      • THL Andreva pointed out that the legal paperwork related to submitting a bid requires three signatures: the seneschal, the reeve, and the autocrat.
      • His Excellency asked if the kingdom seneschal had any thoughts about the situation.

Recent and Upcoming Events

  • Meridian Challenge of Arms (MCA), 28 February – 1 March 2020, Dalwhinnie Fields
    • 96 people attended
    • We had fencers come in as far away as Glenn Abhann (10 hours drive!)
    • This was the first time that MCA was held as a weekend event
    • Lex was really excited to host the event there
    • Everyone had a great time, and not having a hard departure deadline on Sunday was really helpful
    • Chickens!
    • There was a brick oven onsite, and fundraiser lunch was made-to-order woodfired pizzas – so great!
    • Funny moment – the Barony of Iron Mountain was assumed by the heralds to host the event (MCA, like Meridian Grand Tournament, are hosted by the kingdom, not by any local group). Shenanigans ensued.
    • THL Isabetta was tasked to make the site full of pageantry, and had everyone bring their banners. This created a beautiful scene with the banners fluttering in the breeze around the lyst field.
    • House Excelsior made several kingdom pennons to add to the pageantry. It rocked!
  • Artsy Crown (22-25 May 2020, Camp Benjamin Hawkins, Byron GA)
    • Countess Gwynhwyfar offered a donation of a linen tunic from Linen Garb as a raffle for everyone who volunteers at troll. Thank you!
    • There will be a signup sheet for setup and teardown
    • There is a potential handfasting to be scheduled Friday night of Artsy Crown – this, however, will not be part of the official schedule, they’re just letting people know it will happen.

SCA Business

  • Lady Isabella has been asked to spearhead our baronial beautification project; she would love some help to make general signs for parking, etc., at an upcoming project night.
  • Freeside Atlanta is moving to another location and is looking for large cardboard packing boxes and help packing
  • We now have bardic meetings in our barony! For more info, please contact Master Mathias

Non-SCA Business

  • Andreva has a spring concert the weekend of 19 April at Northside Church; the theme is motets (a 16th century music form). If interested, please contact her for ticket info
  • THL Justina brought a bunch of fabric and other stuff, free to a good home. Anything not taken after the meeting will be donated to Goodwill.
  • THL Stella said we are a go for the DragonCon parade! Yay!

Business meeting is closed.

Next business meeting will be held Wednesday, 1 April 2020, at the Doraville Civic Center.