January 2019 Baronial Business Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

2 January 2019, 7:30pm

Doraville Civic Center – 3744 Central Ave., Doraville GA

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter, South Downs Chronicler.

THL Lucien d’Artois called the meeting to order. Master Wistric sez “Welcome! If you did not sign in, please sign in!”

Baronial Polling Results
HRM Gwenhwyfar announced that after a great turnout with votes and comments from the populace, the new Baron and Baroness South Downs will be Master Wistric Oftun and Mistress Sunneva de Cleia! Huzzah!

Officer Reports

  • Herald (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • Awards – Magna Faire
      • Lady Stella di Silvestri – Order of the Velvet Owl
    • Submissions
      • THL Andreva Rigaldi – device and name change registered Margot de Saint Denis
  • Armored and Youth Marshal (Lady Mairghread)
    • Armored
      • Lord Bram has offered to step up as deputy armored marshal
      • Lady Mairghread will discuss with their new Excellencies how they would like to handle choosing their new rapier and armored Baronial champions
    • Youth
      • Completed reports for the youth program
      • Is working on rewriting the rules for youth rapier
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • We are still holding practices when the weather allows.
    • We are looking for a new site for Tuesday evening practices, given the ongoing problems with lighting at both Blackburn and Brook Run parks.
  • Live Weapons Marshal (Mistress Mara Palmer)
    • December’s practice was rained out
    • Practices through May 2019 have been scheduled and are posted on the South Downs and Owl’s Nest Live Weapons Facebook group
    • Mistress Mara needs to get in touch with anyone who’s earned a tassel, so she can arrange to have the tassels presented in court
    • She also has requested for volunteers to help make tassels for the archers. Instructions are available on the Facebook Live Weapons group; if interested in helping, please contact her directly.
  • Chatelaine (Lady Justina di Silvestri)
    • We’ve had some awesome new people who have recently joined the Barony – welcome!
    • Anachrocon is coming in February! Please stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime, teachers are needed to teach at Anachrocon, if interested, please contact Justina.
  • Arts & Sciences (Mistress Sunneva de Cleia)
    • We have A+S in the Barony, and it is good! Yay!
    • Thanks to the response from the populace, Baronial Arts + Sciences classes have been scheduled through July 2019 “because y’all are amazing!” But there’s still opportunities to share you knowledge! If you are interested in teaching a class, please fill out the form or contact Mistress Sunneva directly.
    • Our next A+S class will take place on January 23, when Sir Iastreb will teach the History of Chess; Iazzie described it as more of a survey of the evolution of chess from its earliest historical versions to modern chess as we know it today.
    • Lady Justina will teach February’s class, “Taking a Bite Out of History: Your Ancestors Were Cannibals!” followed by Cellach Ingen Oengusa’s class “Who Was King Arthur, Anyway?” in March, and THL Madalena’s class on making bysockets in April.
  • Reeve (THL Andreva Rigaldi)
    • We have some money! Huzzah! We don’t have specifics yet, as the report just arrived today, so she hasn’t yet had a chance to analyze it.
    • Andreva pointed out that the profits the Barony makes on our big events goes toward paying for the storage unit and meeting site rental fees, and not much more than that. So please consider hosting fundraiser lunches at events, as those profits go towards any other needs and requests for Baronial supplies
    • Gulf Wars is coming! Make sure you designate the Barony of South Downs as your local group when you volunteer – local groups will receive funds based on the number of volunteer hours logged by their members.
  • Quartermaster (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • We have stuff!
    • Lucien thanked everyone who came out on project night to help mark new baronial kitchen supplies, etc.
    • Inventory weekend coming to a weekend near you! Please stay tuned and come and help out!
  • Webminister (Lord Pietro di Conti)
    • We have a website!
    • Worked on disk cleanup
    • Midwinter A+S site updates:
      • Class signup link
      • Fighter practice page – updated live weapons schedule for early 2019
      • Live Weapons marshal page – added links to Meridies archery scores and How to Make Tassels instructions
  • Minister of Children (Lady Myndee of South Downs, THL Mark de Wytteney reporting)
    • Not much has happened in the past month, but Myndee and her deputy have volunteered to run children’s activities at Fools’ War
  • Seneschal (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • Wistric thanked everyone who helped with the Baronial polling
    • We need to find a new meeting site, as the rental rate has been raised from $50/week to $70/week beginning in March 2019. Perhaps we can go to St. Philip’s in Buckhead? But we’re definitely open to new site options.
  • Their Excellencies
    • His Excellency also thanked everyone who helped with the Baronial polling, and is looking forward to the new Baron and Baroness South Downs
    • He then asked if anyone was going to Magna Faire, and what activities they were planning on taking part in – A+S? Fencing? Anything else?

Other SCA Business

  • Midwinter Arts + Sciences (9 February 2019)
    • We’re having an event next month!
    • Classes are coming along
    • Many volunteer positions have been filled, but volunteers are still needed – please contact Lady Alisandre if interested
    • Still looking for a group to host the fundraiser lunch
    • Evening court will be held in the ballroom but we have zero chance of getting in there before 3:00pm, so morning court will take place in the lecture hall
    • We are going to try to have evening court start at 4:30pm because there is a lot that will happen at court and we have a hard out of the site at 6:30pm
    • Now that we know who is being invested as Baron and Baroness South Downs, we can move forward full force with planning the investiture
    • Please pre-register for Midwinter A+S, it will make troll go a lot easier and more quickly
    • Speaking of troll, volunteers are still needed for troll shifts, especially first thing in the morning
    • Regional Fighter Practice – it’s happening (weather permitting)! Will be held Sunday, 10 February 2019, at Brook Run Park (usual practice location and time) We will have signage advertising the Regional at the Midwinter site
    • Inquiries have been made about crash space for Midwinter – Mara will be coordinating, so if you can offer crash space (or know someone who needs it), please contact her directly
    • There is interest in holding a Baronial yard sale, since the Barony has a good amount of stuff we no longer need, and there’s also people who want to donate. We’ll hold it perhaps at Midwinter, the Regional practice, or Fool’s War. There were a lot of ideas offered for the yard sale, and a volunteer to serve as point person was requested. Since Owl’s Nets has expressed interest in helping (as they have stuff to donate as well), it was suggested that Adaire be contacted to organize the yard sale.
    • The Courtesan’s track is still seeking volunteers to teach any of the Courtly Arts, social aspects of court, etc. Family-friendly classes are welcome.
  • Spring Coronation for TRH Sebastiannos and Morgan (5-7 April, 2019)
    • Juliane is going to look at the site this week. The new site, which is also where Fools’ War will be held, sounds really promising. HRH Sebastiannos is really excited about the site.
    • Discreet cigarette smoking is allowed – please religiously police your cigarette butts
    • Dogs are welcome on site (with all required paperwork) – if you bring your dog, please religiously police their butts 😉
    • A lot has already been negotiated with the site, thanks to Fynlo and the Fools’ War team, and the Boy Scouts (who own the site) are really excited about having us (the SCA) use their site in the future
    • Juliane has put a bid together already, and is working through requests from Sebastiannos for feast arrangements. She will discuss these requests with the finance committee to get them implemented.
    • Stunt Bards! (for feast?)
  • Red Tower (4-6 October, 2019)
    • Lady Veronica has volunteered to put together a bid
  • Castle Wars (21-24 November, 2019)
    • THL Piers is interested in autocratting, but has concerns about some issues with the site, including pricing and SERV-Safe certification for kitchen workers.
    • The event site will be the same Boy Scout camp site as Coronation and Fools’ War
  • Anachrocon (15-18 February, 2019)
    • Takes place over Presidents’ Weekend; it does conflict with several events, but we’re looking for volunteers
    • These are our people we just have to draw them in
    • We are seeking teachers for classes – please contact Lady Justina if interested
  • JordanCon (26-28 April, 2019)
    • Fantasy literature convention, in honor of author Robert Jordan
    • Will be held at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia
    • Tiff Frankin is point person for Meridies
  • Questions from HRM Gwynhwyfar
    • She wanted, first of all, to let everyone know that HRM Adhemar would have liked to have been at the meeting for the Baronial announcement and thank everyone personally
    • After the meeting, representatives for Meridies will need to come to a final decision about kingdom-wide fundraising for the Knowne Worlde party at Gulf Wars
      • Party theme – Hogwarts! HRM will be Fleur Delacour
      • There will be a fundraiser raffle, and items are being requested for the raffle
      • HRM wants to have an army of dementors, and mentioned something about thousands of glowsticks?

Other SCA Business

  • Mistress Allesandra mentioned that while Midwinter A+S is going on, the populace is welcome to enter the A+S competitions, and “we have like 400 laurels who would love to help you!”
  • Lady Stella is still looking for someone to take over organizing the baronial activity at DragonCon, as she won’t be able to be there for registering our group. Justina reminded us that we’ve been invited by the alternate history track to provide some classes

Non-SCA Business

  • His Excellency, Master Lorenzo, said that a couple of lovely chairs had been left behind at the baronial holiday party. If you left one, please come get it!
  • Dinner – Shaking Crawfish!

Next business meeting will be held Wednesday, 6 February 2019, at the Doraville Civic Center. Happy holidays and a happy new year!