Wenyeva atte grene

The Honorable Lady Wenyeva atte grene
Last updated: 2020

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Per chevron argent and vert, three beacons enflamed counterchanged.

(Fieldless) On a cushion per pale azure and sable a mullet of eight points Or.
(Fieldless) A ladder bendwise vert.

Phoenix Spark (South Downs, meeting of 1/8/2020)
Scholar degree (Royal University of Meridies, 7/21/2018)
Lector degree in Sciences (Royal University of Meridies, 7/21/2018)
Lector degree in Static Arts (Royal University of Meridies, 7/21/2018)
Wyewood Arts and Sciences Champion, 2013-2014 (First Baronial A&S Champion)
Jambe de Lion (Grant of Arms level A&S award, An Tir, 3/12/2011)
Wyewood Arts and Sciences Champion, 2010-2011 (First Shire A&S Champion)
Wye Knot (12/2010)
Goutte de Sang (Grant of Arms level service award, 3/29/2008)
Award of Arms (9/05/2004)

14th C English
Onomastics (names)
Culinary history
Just about everything

Classes taught
How to Make a Simple Wimple (at a private home, 2010)
Easy Cheesemaking (at Wyewood social, 2009)
Making Butter (at Wyewood social, 2009, and again at a camping event in Summer, 2012)
The Gebende: Making a Pie Crust Hat (with Wilhelmin Weissenheimerin. At Falling Leaves Ithra, 2009)
Middle English Nicknames (at Wyewood social, 2008; Kingdom Heraldic Symposium, 2006; Royal University of Meridies collegium, 2018)
Knitting for Absolute Beginners (at Wyewood social, 2008)
Knitting a Multicolor Pouch (at Wyewood social, 2008)
Stool Ball: Medieval Baseball (at several events, starting in July 2005)
Rectangular Construction for Novice Costumers (at Mostly Fibers II, July 2004)
The Heraldic Achievement (at Wyewood Social, 2008)
SCA Structure and Administration – CMA1000 (online via The Honorable Clover, July 2018)
Introduction to Middle English (online via The Honorable Clover, June 2018)
Basic Heraldry – SCI3000 (online via The Honorable Clover, June 2018)

Current projects
Getting started up again after moving from An Tir

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA