Serafina Alamanni

Serafina's Portrait
Mistress Serafina Alamanni
Last updated: 2019

Serafina’s facebook page
Serafina on la Compagnia della Civetta

Serafina's Device
Per chevron vert and azure, three cinquefoils and a lion couchant argent.

Laurel (A&S/Crown List 5/29/2016)
Bough of Meridies (9/13/2014)
Velvet Owl (9/14/2013)
Red Raven (South Downs, date unknown)
Court Barony (4/6/2013)
Heart of South Downs (2012)
Sovereign’s Pleasure (8/25/2012)
Grant of Arms (8/25/2012)
Meridian Majesty (8/10/2012)
Meridian Cross (10/1/2011)
Sovereign’s Pleasure (8/27/2011)
Award of Arms (9/11/2010)
Tower Argent

Tablet Weaving
Baltic Wire Weaving
Anglo-Saxon Interweave

Classes taught
Baltic Wire Weaving
Birka Posements

Current projects
Tablet Weaving, Baltic Wire Weaving, Costuming: Gothic Fitted Dress, 15th C Italian, Bog Coats, Roman Dalmatica, Braies and Chausses, Pewter Casting, SCA County Coronets, Research into 10thC Birka Woman’s outfit.

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