December 2019 Baronial Business Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

4 December 2019, 7:30pm

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter, South Downs Chronicler.

THL Lucien d’Artois called the meeting to order. Our Seneschal, THL Mark de Wytteney, sez “Welcome! If you did not sign in, please sign in!”

Officers Reports

  • Herald (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • Submissions
      • Lord Nikon Dawidowicz – change of device
      • Lady Una Hrolfsdottir – new name
      • Lady Isabella Parr – name and device registered at Laurel
    • Awards
      • Castle Wars
        • THL Bram Halfdannarson – Legion of the Bear
  • Knight Marshal (Lady Mairghread Wilson)
    • Castle Wars was awesome!
    • Practices are going well – Sunday practice continues at the incipient Viking Alchemist Meadery site (3080 Jonquil Dr., Smyrna, GA 30080) starting 13 October 2019. Everyone is very happy with the site!
  • Rapier Marshal (Captain Brendan de Hay, Lady Raven reporting)
    • Real Life™ is really getting in the way of my SCA time” (why he’s not here tonight)
    • Martial activities at Castle Wars seem to have been a success. Duke Bryce’s joint Heavy and Rapier scenarios worked pretty well. There was lots of fighting, and even some time for pickups. Other than some minor complaints about some of the scenarios running shorter than expected, it felt good.
    • Practices at the Meadery are awesome. Huge thanks to those making this happen.
    • Levetan Park may be getting too dark for Tuesday evening practices. So far, so good, but suggestions for alternate locations are welcome.
    • Thanks, as always, to our collection of rapier marshals who make it possible for practice to happen without me. Efforts to get a couple more people warranted are under way.
  • Chatelaine (THL Justina di Silvestri)
    • We had a lot of new people at Castle Wars – we were glad to be able to loan Gold Key garb to so many new people! YAY! and they had fun! yay!
    • We do have a lot of good Gold Key, so we’re not concerned about the timing for having loaned garb returned (but all the garb will be returned no worries!)
    • Demo Deputy (Lady Bú Feiyan)
      • We had a great turnout and reception at ConjurationCON
      • No new demos for us on the schedule, but we’ve been asked to participate in a homeschoolers demo which is in the works for this Friday (6 December) in Marietta – see Bú for more info
  • Arts & Sciences (THL Alisandre de la Chapelle, Lady Raven reporting)
    • We have A&S in the Barony, and it is good! Yay!
    • Thank you for everyone that taught at CW. Midwinter A&S class signup form will be posted once the event Facebook page goes up – think about teaching at Midwinter please!
    • No class in Dec due to the holidays.
    • Speaking of A&S classes in the new year… are you interested in teaching a Baronial Arts & Sciences class in 2020? Submit your class idea on this form, or contact Alisandre directly.
    • Mark has dibs on the January A&S class, but the rest of the year is up for grabs.
  • Reeve (THL Andreva Rigaldi)
    • We have money! yay!
    • THL Juliane added that she has the invoice from Camp Benjamin Hawkins, and will pass it along to Andreva.
  • Quartermaster (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • We have stuff! Yay!
    • He wants to discuss several issues with the Baronial storage unit, but it will wait until later in the meeting.
  • Webminister (Captain Pietro di Conti)
    • We have a website! yay!
    • Many, many Castle Wars web page updates
    • Submitted quarterly report to the Kingdom Webminister
    • Lady Zhelana agreed to serve as point person on creating the Midwinter A&S event page. An initial page has been created as a placeholder, which will be updated as content becomes available.
    • Updated profile pages:
      • Lady Agnes Halydaye – apprentice to Master Lorenzo
      • Lady Anneliese Wulf – apprentice to Her Excellency South Downs, Mistress Sunneva di Cleia
    • Updated awards for:
      • THL Peryn Rose Whitehorse – King’s Lancer
      • THL Bram Halfdannarson – Order of the Bear
      • THL Emelina le Norreys – Falcon’s Faith
      • Lady Bú Feiyan – Falcon’s Faith
      • Lady Anneliese Wulf – Swan’s Grace
  • Keeper of the Baronial Memes (Social Media Minister) (THL Emelina le Nourreys)
    • We have social media! Yay!
    • Yay! We have more followers on Instagram!
  • Minister of Children (Lady Melusine of South Downs, THL Mark de Wytteney reporting)
    • We had 33 kids at Castle Wars! Yay! (only 11 were The Scriveners’ :-))
    • The Ministry of Children has been working on having activities for all age ranges
    • The Peasant archery battle at Castle Wars was a huge hit with the kids; the adults, not quite as much lol
      • During the Peasant archery battle, Mark got to see HRH’s son Theo nail Sir Caius right in the face with an “arrow” (tennis ball), and then immediately also nail HRH in the face!
  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter, Captain Brendan de Hay reporting)
    • Looking for a deputy to whom she can eventually hand over the office’s responsibilities.
  • Their Excellencies, Master Wistric and Mistress Sunneva
    • Her Excellency regrets her absence, but His Tininess had to come home from daycare early.
    • Thank you to everyone who worked on Castle Wars, especially those on entourage and who volunteered with feast. Feast (and the feast hall decorations) turned out fantastic and was recognized across the Knowne World, as some of our social media photos were shared by the Society Facebook group.
    • We will host our Baronial holiday party on 14 December – stay tuned for a post on our Baronial Facebook group for organizing the potluck dinner. There will also be a Dirty Santa gift exchange for all who wish to participate.
    • Their Excellencies encouraged everyone to send in award recommendations – a lot of people worked really hard at Castle Wars, and writing award recommendations is a great way to recognize their work. Hit them up or fill out the award form on the seneschal page. They keep all the recommendations they receive.
    • Nikon pointed out that before you write a recommendation for someone, look them up on the Order of Precedence or better yet, our populace page
    • The populace was reminded that since New Year’s Day will be on the first Wednesday, the January business meeting will take place on the 2nd Wednesday (8 January)

Castle Wars Post-Mortem

  • We had an event! Yay!
  • WE had to file an accident report – Drogo cut his hand in the kitchen slicing potatoes
  • We had very few complaints – there were several suggestions for more parking and directional signs
  • The kitchen staff reported that there were some incidents of rudeness towards them. No details at the current time.
  • There was one incident of harassment at Castle Wars that is being investigated at the Society level. It was reported immediately to the autocrat and seneschal to get the timestamp on the event. Mark has been named the lady’s advocate as the situation plays itself out.
  • One vehicle was lost at the event – the car was inadvertently driven over a tree stump and lost its transmission.
  • All receipts have been received – several people/departments did not use their budget, so expenses were less than expected.
  • Lord Jürgen asked for clarification about who gets the till from Troll at the end of the night. He could not find any official info about handling funds from troll – this is important to clarify for anyone who works Troll at events. Updates will be provided at the next business meeting.
  • Anyone who is looking for a reimbursement check should see Lord Farouk.
  • Juliane mentioned that at both last year’s Castle Wars and again at this year’s Castle Wars, we revamped the way we market events and both years, had a great response. How can we revisit how to market next year’s Castle Wars?
  • Baroness Angharat asked who is South Downs’ meme/social media person? She would like to hire them for Blood and Roses in April.
  • Nikon mentioned how much he loved his teacher gift.
  • Master Ximon said that he had great support as the parking person; he spent the event driving the loop around the site as shuttle driver. We really need to have a shuttle driver at events at Benjamin Hawkins, since the site is so spread out and parking is mostly in specific areas.
  • Would it be possible to get a golf cart rental in the budget for next year?
  • Mistress Alessandra asked if someone could make a map of all the walking paths and interior driving areas – it would be really helpful, since they’re not marked clearly. Ximon added, regarding parking that no matter how much you mark up a site, you’ll have people trying to ignore the signage.
    • Jürgen suggested that we could make modular signposts with attachable arrows, etc. that could be illuminated (as the site at night is particularly difficult to travel through)
    • Sandwich board might be a better option since they are more flexible – they don’t need to be staked in and could still be customizable with arrows
    • Juliane added that this is a relatively new site, and as with most sites, the more we use it the more comfortable we’ll be with the layout.
    • Ximon suggested that we table this discussion for next year and is willing to lead up a parking committee/team for the site.
  • Ximon also thanked everyone who camped with South Downs, especially THL Stella who organized the camp. Everyone had a great time! Further thanks to Isabella for her great meal, and to everyone who helped break down camp on Sunday.
  • Drunk History went really well! Ximon repeated his challenge to the Barony – he is offering a prize for the winner of Drunk History, South Downs Edition.
  • Juliane will be submitting a bid for next year’s Castle Wars – stay tuned! It will be epic.
  • Bú asked if anyone had ended up with a (her) large soup pot; it’s gone on walkabout, and since it’s her mother’s, she’d really like it back.
  • Master Lorenzo followed “speaking of large soup pots…” Stella would love to have some help with the food side of being Camp Mom for future events. Please contact her if you are interested.
  • Angharat brought a tote with lost & found from the event and invited anyone who lost something at Castle Wars to check the tote. She also brought several scroll cases to return to the Barony/scribes.

Upcoming Events

  • Midwinter Arts & Sciences (1 February 2020), Lady Raven Helmsplitter and Master Ximon Martillo de Córdoba reporting
    • Submitted bid to Financial Committee; bid was approved by Financial Committee and was presented to the populace
    • Event to be held at Holy Trinity Parish Episcopal Church in downtown Decatur – new site, 3 blocks to Decatur MARTA station, 5 blocks to Avondale MARTA station, so it’s intown and easily accessible.
    • No feast, but there will be a fundraiser lunch – possibly by the Order of the Blade?
    • Initial staff includes:
      • Master Ximon Martillo de Córdoba – co-Autocrat
      • THL Lucien d’Artois – Reservationcrat
      • THL Alisandre Isabeau de la Chapelle – A&S Class Coordinator
    • Complete bid is downloadable here.
    • After discussion by the populace, motion to vote on bid was made, seconded, and approved.

Other SCA Business

  • Juliane explained the process of submitting a bid
    • Bid goes to Seneschal for initial review. Seneschal has the right to accept or refuse the bid.
    • If the Seneschal accepts the bid, they forward it on to the finance committee who then approves or refuses it.
    • If the finance committee approves the bid, it is then presented to the populace for consideration and a vote.
  • Baron Piers is currently working on a bid for Coronation – as TRHs’ local group (Tir Briste) is already hosting Fools War the week following Spring Coronation, the event is being opened up to other groups. Piers mentioned he needed a co-autocrat, and ürgen volunteered.
  • Master Nikoslav offered a lyst fence to the Barony, free to a good home. Lucien confirmed that we have room for it in the storage unit, so arrangements were made to get it after it is used at Magna Faire.
  • Justina mentioned Jour d’Amour in January. The Courtesans Guild is being provided with a heated cabin and a lot of time to provide classes along the event theme (courtly love).
  • Ximon asked if we/the MoB hosts the fundraiser lunch at Midwinter, can he borrow a couple of crockpots.

Non-SCA Business

  • Mark mentioned that last Wednesday, two dogs showed up at their house. The dogs’ owner is newly disabled and can no longer care for the dogs, so Mark is trying to find a home for them. The dogs are dog- and cat- (and people!) friendly.

Business meeting is closed.

Next business meeting will be held Wednesday, 8 January 2020, at the Doraville Civic Center.