April 2021 Baronial Business Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

07 April 2021, Time: 193


Notes submitted by Signora Aelia Bassina, South Downs Chronicler.


Lady Bú Feiyan called the April meeting to order. Our Seneschal, THL Juliane de Vivonne, greeted the populace joining the Zoom meeting. Juliane read the Kingdom Anti-Bullying statement.

Officers Reports

Herald (Lady Bú Feiyan)

  • Nothing new to report
  • I have an opening for a deputy. Let me know if you’re interested

Knight Marshal (Lady Mairghread Wilson)

  • Bryce has taken over as the new Kingdom Earl Marshal.
  • They are planning on having a marshal’s meeting at Iris Faire.
    • Should be heavy marshals only
    • Should be discussing opening strategies

Rapier Marshal (Captain Brendan de Hay)

  • Pretty much in the same spot as Heavy Combat.
    • Marshals
      • Reports are still due.
      • check the expiration dates of your warrants. 
      • If you’re warranted, please check your emails to make sure your warrant gets renewed.
    • I’ve worked on guidelines for when we can get together. I will re-publish that with a comment link. 

Live Weapons (Mistress Mara Palmer)

  • Nothing new to report

Reeve (Mistress Alessandra Giovanna Fioravanti)

  • We have money.
  • We haven’t had any events to bring in new money.
  • Justina has agreed to be my deputy and will be stepping up as soon as her warrant is approved.

Quartermaster (THL Lucien d’Artois & Master Ximon Martillo de Cordoba

  • Effective immediately, I am resigning.
  • Master Ximon Martillo de Cordoba will be taking over for me.

Chatelaine (Lord Nikon Dawidowicz)

  • Nothing new to report.

Demo Deputy (Lady Bú Feiyan)

  • Eventually, we will do demos again. I have demo ideas. If you have any ideas, please let me know.
  • DragonCon is still selling tickets, but I have not looked into it. I have been looking at other Cons in the area.

Arts & Sciences (THL Alisandre de la Chapelle)

  • We have A&S.
  • It’s that time of the quarter. Please add your project to the sheet on the Barony feed.
  • A&S is not just the big things, smaller things are A&S too.

Provost (Daegam Soong Myeong-Su)

  • Still need a class for September. Please contact me if you are interested
  • This month’s class is bookbinding with Margavati. She will post a list of supplies for the class in the Barony group.

Chronicler (Signora Aelia Bassina)

  • The second quarter newsletter has been delayed due to real life. There is still time to get articles in. Please submit them to me asap.
  • I am looking for a deputy. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Social Media Minister (HE Emelina le Nourreys & Lady Isabella Parr

  • We have social media.
  • This is my last meeting as the social media for South Downs.
  • When I started, we had 56 and now we have 351.
  • Isabella will be taking over from me.
  • The Barony has been great! Thank you!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (DEI), (Vidushi Mewadi Margavati Bai)

  • I don’t know what I’m doing this month because I’ve scheduled things starting May through July. But, I don’t have anything for April. We will announce something in the next week or so.
  • Thank you to everyone for being so great and making my job super easy.

Webminister (Lady Zhelana Vovkivna & HE Piers Simmons)

  • Updated all plugins on the website and updated WordPress to version 5.7. 
  • Created a page for the Baronial Lineage off their Excellencies page. 
  • Added the BODs Resolution to Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity to the website.

Minister of Children (Lady Una Ulfrdottir)

  • Nothing new to report

Seneschal, (THL Juliane de Vivonne)

  • I would like to talk about what’s been on everyone’s Facebook.
    • The BOD made an announcement about in-person activities
      • We have to abide by state and local health guidelines
      • Masks that cover the mouth and nose by all attendees over the age of 4
      • Court or bardic activities must also include masks. Sound amplification is recommended
      • No day board, no water-bearing, or food of any kind. All attendees much provide their all food and beverages
        • You must remain in one spot and stay in one spot
      • No overnight events and they much be outdoors
      • There has to be a maximum of 150 people and everyone must pre-register
    • Small local gatherings shall remain at the discretion of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal
    • The Crown and Kingdom Seneschal are working on it based on our own Kingdom guidelines. We are still in Phase Zero, which means nothing at this time. They are going to revamp that and tell us what they would like us to do. We will get guidelines that are specific to Meridies.
  • Red Tower
    • We are approved for the weekend before MGT in September
    • The Hard Labor Camp was not available. 
    • There is availability in Indian Springs. However, if we are required to only do day events, we don’t know how that will work out.
    • We are going to wait to see what the Kingdom says within the next week.

Their Excellencies, (Master Wistric Oftun & Mistress Sunneva de Cleia)

  • This has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone.
  • But there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and I am grateful to see people interacting online and making plans.
  • As Barony, you all have persevered throughout this year that I never foresaw us doing.
  • We might see people that were absent that pop up again.
  • As we cautiously move towards reopening, consider things about this virtual SCA that worked for you. Consider things that you would like to bring into this bold new future. 
  • We have watched you prevail and perceiver. We are so proud.
  • (She was tearing up!!)
  • We take a great deal of pride to claim association with you. Your works and deeds are admired across the Kingdom.

SCA Business

  • Juliane
    • At the last meeting, I mentioned the Known World Bardic. I could not find it for anything. I’ve found it for this month and I’ve posted it to the Barony page.
  • Margavati
    • The Crown posted some new enamel medallions. Check out the SCA Merchants page.
    • I have been talking about people in the Barony about this. We’ve been talking about creating some easy garb guides for people. If you have anything that you think would be easy for people to make, please send them to me. Garb for kids would be awesome!
    • We’re looking for the t-tunic for what your culture would be
    • Una
      • What if we made that little book and then did a bookbinding night to make them into booklets!
    • Lily
      • Maybe some illumination so that everyone can get in on it. Like a little scrapbook.
      • Since we are doing a class on SCA affordability, maybe we could include that in the class.
    • Juliane
      • Maybe try to make a dress form that matching your frame
      • Do not name the book “How to Cover Your Booty”
    • Emelina
      • We will be having a Homecoming social soon.
    • Ximon 
      • I am running a room this Saturday (@ Homecoming) and I’ll be in the “if you get hit, walk it off” room.
      • The opening subject is “ what does a consort do?l
      • So I am looking for input from fighters and non-fighters.
      • BYOB

The business meeting was closed @ 2019.

The next business meeting will be held on 05 May 2021, 1930, Zoom Meeting.